KYE: Knowing Your Employees

We believe the value of knowing your employees better is a massive competitive advantage for businesses. We believe that every employee-related business decision should be data-driven, or data-informed. The days of making business decisions based on gut feel, intuition or whoever shouts the loudest, should be long gone. That’s why we do what we do. We use employee data analytics to power business performance for our clients.

Most businesses are sat on a goldmine and, if they tapped into it, they could make or save a lot more money…but they don’t. The goldmine is employee data…and this could include recruitment activity, employee performance, learning & development stats, health & well-being information, employee benefit participation…any type of data that covers employees.

Make employee data-informed decisions so you can acquire, develop & retain employees faster & better than ever before, driving higher business performance at lower costs

Imagine if knowing your employees better powered your business performance. Most businesses have loads of data on their employees. Often employee data is sat in different locations, in different formats and with different people…but we always find businesses have a goldmine of employee data when they dive into it.

Imagine if you could…

  • Measure the effectiveness of your recruitment activity in terms of speed, drop-outs and cost per recruit
  • Analyse how performance and engagement varies across your business lines, job families and locations
  • Assess how well your employee benefits & reward schemes are working by business line, job family and location
  • Understand employee behaviour, capability and diversity
  • Forecast future employee trends so you can make decisions now to maximise business benefits

Employee data analytics enables businesses we work with to:

  1. INCREASE ACQUISITION — recruit talent quicker based on your improved understanding of past recruitment success and forecasts for future skills gaps
  2. IMPROVE ENGAGEMENT — drive higher employee engagement and well-being through improved understanding of employee behaviour, trends and activity
  3. IMPROVE RETENTION — retain talent better based on understanding the triggers for attrition and forecasting trends in advance

Knowing your employees enables businesses to make smarter decisions.

We work with businesses that use new data-driven employee insight to influence their strategies on:

  • Recruitment decisions — by understanding past trends on time/cost to recruit, combined with predictive forecasts, businesses can recruit quicker, cheaper and better
  • Performance plans — by identifying employee performance trends and issues, learning & development activity can be targeted to the right areas
  • Engagement strategies — by understanding how employee engagement varies across the business, engagement activity can be deployed more effectively
  • Retention activities — by identifying hot spots and problem areas, HR can target management training and team-building activities in the right areas
  • Reward schemes — by understanding how effective employee benefit schemes are, for attracting/retaining talent, spend can be allocated more effectively
  • Diversity & inclusion strategies — by investigating how diversity varies across the business by location, function, job level or manager, targeted solutions can be applied to drive change

We’ve helped businesses to speed up employee strategies, and save money, just by tapping into their employee data.

We build intuitive employee data-driven tools in three stages…

Our employee data tools power our clients’ businesses on a daily basis.

We’re Data³ — we use employee data analytics to power business performance for our clients. Can we help yours?