Case study



AX Group provide accident aftercare and innovation services for the Automotive and Insurance Industries and their customers.

We worked with AX using our Discovery + Design approach to create a data-driven strategy.

The vision

To understand the art of the possible, as well as options, pros/cons, costs, timelines and recommendations for how AX Group can become a data-driven organisation.

The problem

AX Group’s data is complex with multiple data sources, 100+ business reports & ‘big data’ in the form of vehicle telematics – plus AX is growing fast so the data challenge is getting bigger and bigger.

The objectives

  • To understand AX’s business requirements, data sources and current data outputs
  • To design the right technology, reporting, resource and cultural change solutions in a way that is robust, secure and scalable

Data sources

We reviewed a number of different data sources for this project which included:
  • ENTERPRISE DATA – financials, people, customer, supplier, sales, marketing and more
  • OPERATIONAL DATA – vehicles, claims, accidents, repairs, replacement vehicles, driver behaviour and more
We delivered the Discovery + Design Report in July 2021.


We used our DATA³ Discovery Process to capture all business requirements and reviewed all relevant data, report samples and business information covering 13 business functions, 25+ stakeholders and 18 individual sessions.


We used our DATA³ Design Process to create a Data Strategy covering the art of the possible for technology, analytics and reporting, tool selection recommendations, a fully-costed implementation plan as well as a plan to drive culture change.


AX Group are using the Discovery + Design Report to inform their technology strategy while we support them in their journey to becoming data-driven.

“We now have a clear view of just how valuable our data is and how we can use this to drive our organisation on numerous levels and the available tools to help us achieve our goals. All of the recommendations made came from a place of total impartiality, never making us feel like we were being sold a specific solution.”