Case study


Business West

Business West is a not-for-profit company which offers solutions that help businesses achieve their goals and engage with their communities. We created a tool to analyse data and present results on the success of a food and drink event that brought together international buyers with UK sellers.

The vision

To create a visually appealing, easy to navigate and simple to use tool that would provide insight on the event to Business West and other stakeholders.

The problem

  • Data located in multiple spreadsheets
  • The data was untidy and not easy to tie up and analyse
  • To be usable the data needed numerous transformation and modelling steps to be applied

The objectives

  • To create a tool that could be used to present results to internal and external stakeholders
  • Allow the user to dive into the data
  • Create insight to inform future events
  • Demonstrate and promote the benefits of using data to inform decisions

Data sources

We used a number of different data sources for this project which included:
  • Attendee data
  • Meeting data
  • Satisfaction
We delivered an interactive, drillable, insightful data analytics tool within a week.


We used our DATA³ Discovery Process to capture all business requirements and reviewed all relevant event data and business information to inform the design of the tool and the data transformation and modelling required.


We used our DATA³ Design Process to design an easy to use and visually appealing tool for analysing and visualising data related to the event, creating user interface designs for review and feedback by the project team.


We used our DATA³ Build Process to build, test and launch the interactive, drillable data tool in Power BI for Business West to present to internal and external stakeholders.

“The DATA³ team were great to work. They quickly understood what we wanted to achieve and exceeded our expectations, turning a large amount of unorganised data into really valuable insights, in a simple to use tool.”