Case study



caboodle is one of the UK’s leading employee benefits and engagement companies established in 2009.

We dived into caboodle’s data to draw out key insights on employers and employees, who have used caboodle’s technology over the last 10 years, as part of their 10 year anniversary campaign.

The vision

To deliver a review of 10 years of data (2009 – 2019) to identify trends within the employer and employee base which can be used as industry insight and to inform the 10-year anniversary marketing activity.

The problem

  • Mix of new and long term employer clients
  • Mix of employee benefit schemes across employers and employees
  • Data had never been analysed before

The objectives

To understand caboodle’s business requirements, data sources and current data outputs

To design the right technology, reporting, resource and cultural change solutions in a way that is robust, secure and scalable

Data sources

We used three data sources for this project – internal in-house systems and external, third party tools.
  • Production database
  • Google Analytics
  • Email tool
We delivered an interactive, drillable data tool showing insightful trends for all employers and employees in the last 10 years


We used our DATA³ Discovery Process to capture all business requirements and review all relevant business information to inform our design and build stages.


We used our DATA³ Design Process to recommend a robust and secure way to analyse and visualise client-facing data in an anonymised, aggregated way.


We used our DATA³ Build Process to build, test and launch the interactive, drillable data tool showing patterns and trends in the last 10 years, and the key insight derived – for use by the caboodle team.

“The DATA³ team dived into our 10-year employee benefit dataset to uncover new patterns and trends and actionable insights”