Case study


Indigo Group

Indigo Group provides an end to end solution for contractors, freelancers and agencies with a range of connected services that are shaped by legislation, providing assurance and compliance services to multiple markets and sectors.

We worked with Indigo Group using our Discovery + Design approach to create a data-driven strategy.

The vision

To understand the art of the possible, as well as options, pros/cons, costs, timelines and recommendations for how Indigo can become a future-proofed, scalable, data-driven organisation.

The problem

Indigo’s data is complex with 20+ data sources and 29+ business reports – plus Indigo is growing fast so the data challenge is getting bigger and bigger.

The objectives

  • To understand Indigo’s business requirements, data sources and current data output
  • To design the right technology, reporting, resource and cultural change solutions in a way that is robust, secure and scalable

Data sources

We reviewed a number of different data sources for this project which included:
  • ENTERPRISE DATA – financials, people, customer, sales, marketing and more
  • OPERATIONAL DATA – platform usage, platform behaviour, purchasing patterns and more
We delivered the Discovery + Design Report in August 2021.


We used our Data3 Discovery Process to capture all business requirements and reviewed all relevant data, report samples and business information covering 4 business functions, 20+ data sources & 29+ business reports.


We used our Data3 Design Process to create a Data Strategy covering the art of the possible for technology, analytics and reporting, tool selection recommendations, a fully-costed implementation plan as well as a plan to drive culture change.


Indigo Group are using the Data Discovery & Design Report to inform their technology strategy while we support them in their journey to becoming data-driven.

The Data Cubed team worked with us to prepare our business for growth with strong data foundations.