Case study


ReThink Productivity

ReThink Productivity are productivity experts who apply their innovative use of work-study methodologies to improve how businesses invest their time.

We designed, developed and launched the Time and Motion data insight solution for ReThink Productivity’s staff and their clients.

The vision

To develop a new Time and Motion data insight solution to create stunning visuals and use advanced analytics methods (AI, ML, etc.) to predict service trends, tasks and customers.

The problem

  • High volumes of data available in spreadsheet format
  • Three different types of productivity study involved
  • Time and motion studies vary by clients/sector/project

The objectives

To design, build and launch a new Time and Motion data insight solution for ReThink Productivity that’s scalable and future-proofed as the business grows.

Data sources

We used one data source for this project – the productivity study data collection platform.
  • ReTime App
We delivered a new tech stack and data analytics capability within three months.


We used our DATA³ Discovery Process to capture all business requirements in a series of workshops with key stakeholders, and reviewed all data and relevant business information to inform the design of the data architecture and the data analytics tools for the business.


We used our DATA³ Design Process to design a robust and secure way to store, combine, process, analyse and visualise productivity study data in an automated way, creating data architecture maps and user interface designs for review and feedback by the team.


We used our DATA³ Build Process to build, test and launch the new data architecture on an AWS tech stack using S3/Lambda. We then created interactive, drillable analytics tools in Power BI for use by the ReThink Productivity team.

5* – Great work and great communication.