Why Every HR Team Should Hire a Data Translator

HR is up against it Businesses don’t build themselves; people build them. That’s why HR teams have such a tall order. They need to hire in the right people and then build effective long-term strategies to engage them, motivate them and ultimately drive business success. Measuring all of these tasks for effectiveness has been a long-standing […]

Can Your Data Help You Make or Save Money?

We think it can. Actually, we know it can. We haven’t come across a business yet that can’t use its data in some way to boost its performance.  But if you don’t have the data skills in-house (like many businesses), it can be difficult to see the potential your data holds. This could mean you’re […]

How to turn your data into a money maker 2

Guide two: extracting your data Before any writer tells a great story, they’ll research a topic inside and out before typing their first word. It’s the same with expert data visualisers. With purpose and care, they’ll extract the right data, in the right way, to make sure they can tell a great story with it. […]

How to turn your data into a money maker 3

Guide three: analysing your data So you’ve set strong business objectives and wrangled with your data to make sure it’s accurate and relevant. Good stuff. Now comes the super important part — the analysis of your data. To do it right, you’ll need to know the different ways you can slice and dice your data. Whichever method […]

Buzzword bonanza: Our plain English guide to data lingo

Across all sectors and all industries, businesses have a single thing in common: the love of buzzwords. Whether you’re in Tech, Ops, Sales, Product, Marketing… you cannot escape the onslaught of new buzzwords each year. The data world is no different, with a range of colourful and confusing terms floating around. We’re here to break […]

KYC: Knowing your customers

Beyond the usual KYC requirements, we believe the value of knowing your customers is a massive competitive advantage for businesses. We believe that every customer-related business decision should be data-driven, or data-informed. The days of making business decisions based on gut feel, intuition or whoever shouts the loudest, should be long gone. That’s why we […]

Pregnancy, poaching and Xmas trees

How data is shaping our world (Data is cool! article #1) By Lee Allen @ Data³ Who said data was dull? Well me, in another life. At my career start, I was an out-and-out words man. Wrestling with language on a day-to-day, I gave no thought to the world of data; it seemed cold and […]

Quitting work, saving babies and solving crime

How data is shaping our world (Data is cool! article #2) “Tell me something cool about data!” Said no one, ever. Or perhaps not outside a data analyst meeting. Which is a shame really, as data is having a greater and more profound effect on each of our lives with each passing year. In our […]